Grand Kirin Tsuyu no Exotic

Japanese Name: グランドキリン 梅雨のエキゾチック
Brewer: Kirin
Release: Jun. 6, 2017
Type: Happoushu (Over 50% malt content)
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥297 (330mL) @FamilyMart

Tasting Notes:
As we’re coming to the end of the rainy season (Tsuyu) here in Japan, it was time to get this review out. Grand Kirin’s summer release is a Belgian inspired wheat beer, Tsuyu no Exotic. It was brewed with the addition of coriander seed and Bravo hops. Due Japanese brewing laws, Tsuyu no Exotic is labeled as a hoppoushu brew, but has the malt content of a beer.

Pouring out a bright straw in the glass, Tsuyu no Exotic has a wonderfully aroma full of tropical and citrus fruit. The first gulp is on the light side, with tang from the fruitiness being the star attraction. It does have a nice malty depth and a sharp bitterness on the finish.

Tsuyu no Exotic drinks wonderfully in Japan’s hot summer months. Its lighter flavors combined with the tropical fruit would make a wonderful pairing with a citrus and walnut topped salad or even herb seasoned roasted chicken. This is a beer that can be had on its own, but is perfect for pairing with food, like wine. Tsuyu no Exotic is probably headed off store shelves, so if you do come across one, be sure to pick it up.

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