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Asahi Style Free, Spring 2011

Asahi Style Free is a happoushu beverage from Asahi for those people who are watching their carbs, as it has zero of those buggers. This is the spring package design for 2011, that still seems to be lingering on the … Continue reading

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Clear Asahi, Spring 2011

This is the 2011 spring can design for Clear Asahi, which is Asahi Beer’s main daisan happousei product. With the way things are going in Japan, one wonders if the upcoming hanami will be celebrated this year…

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Kirin Lager Beer, Spring 2011.

The delicate iconic cherry blossoms that make Japan’s spring season so special, casually frame the distinct Lager Beer logo that is Kirin. It’s such a simple design, I almost missed it sitting on the supermarket shelf.

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Suntory Kinmugi Spring 2011 Package Design

Here we have the 2011 spring cherry blossom design of Suntory’s Kinmugi. The combination of the deep blue and pink cherry blossoms is quite striking. I also like the addition of another Japanese spring icon, the uguisu (Japanese Bush-warbler). This … Continue reading

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Asahi Ichiban Mugi

Japanese Name: アサヒ 一番麦 Brewer: Asahi Release: Mar. 1, 2011 Type: Happousei(発泡性) Alcohol: 5% Purchase Price: ¥108 (Jusco) Tasting Notes: Just released at the beginning of the month is Asahi Beer’s newest entry into the “new genre” of alcoholic beverages … Continue reading

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