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Sapporo Mugi to Hop Spring 2011 Design

Spring is in the air once again. This time of year many of the major Japanese breweries release can with the spring imagery of blooming cherry blossoms. I imagine that Sapporo will hope those of you in Japan will be … Continue reading

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Sapporo Chocolat Brewery Sweet

Japanese Name: サッポロ ショコラブルワリー スウィート Brewer: Sapporo Release: Jan. 12, 2011 Type: Happoushu Alcohol: 5% Purchase Price: ¥588 (Double Pack, @FamilyMart) Tasting Notes: This collaboration between Sapporo and Royce’ is in its second year, with 2011 bringing this “Sweet” version to the … Continue reading

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More free beer

A while ago Sapporo had a little Rock, Scissors, Paper contest with the winners getting a free 12-pack of “New” Sapporo Mugi and Hop. Unfortunately, I came away a loser, but the wife got my back (without my knowledge) and … Continue reading

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