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Kirin Ice+Beer (2012): drink your beer on ice while watching the 2012 London Olympics in the hood.

Kirin Ice+Beer must have been a hit last year, so they brought it back for the hot, hot summer of 2012. The Beers of Japan blog has been getting quite a few hits on last year’s original Kirin Ice+Beer post, … Continue reading

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Asahi Japan Gold: your go to Olympic thirst quencher.

Japanese Name: アサヒ ジャパンゴールド Brewer: Asahi Release: July 3, 2012 Type: Happousei(発泡性) Alcohol: 5% Purchase Price: ¥?? Tasting Notes: Four years pass by pretty quickly; it was at this time my journey to Japan began. Well, 2012 brings the London Olympics … Continue reading

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Suntory Kinmugi: Summer 2012 Package Design.

The summer of 2012 brings us morning glory blossoms from Suntory’s Kinmugi brand. Morning glories are called asagao in Japanese, and yes I had to look it up, flower names are not my forte.

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Kirin Tanrei Nama: Summer 2012 Package Design

Fireworks frame Tanrei Nama’s label for the 2012 summer season. What could be more representative of the hot Japanese summer than fireworks?

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Mugi no harmony: cheap beer in a can!

Japanese Name: 麦のハーモニー Brewer: Korean unknown Release: ?? Type: Happousei Alcohol: 5% Purchase Price: ¥88 @Welcia Tasting Notes: While taking a short overnight trip last week, we ended up shopping at a drug store across the street from our hotel. … Continue reading

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Asahi Red Eye: because tomatoes aren’t just for salad.

Japanese Name: アサヒレッドアイ Brewer: Asahi Release: Jun. 12, 2012 Type: Happoushu Alcohol: 3.5% Purchase Price: ¥198 @7eleven Tasting Notes: One day, someone had too much vodka and decided beer might make a nice substitute in her Bloody Mary sans the … Continue reading

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Grand Kirin: Premium Beer!

Japanese Name: グランドキリン Brewer: Kirin Release: June. 19, 2012 Type: Japanese Beer Alcohol: 6% Purchase Price: ¥238 @7eleven Tasting Notes: Last month, Kirin Brewery partnering with 7&i Holdings unleashed a new ultra premium beer to a thirsty Japanese population. Grand … Continue reading

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