Lawson Select Gold Master

Japanese Name: ローソンセレクト ゴールドマスター
Brewer: Unnamed Korean brewer in cooperation with Lawson
Release: Apr. 21, 2017
Type: Happousei (発泡性)
Alcohol: 6%
Purchase Price: ¥108 @Lawson

Tasting Notes:
All of the convenience store chains have their own private brand new genre brews, and while they are a little cheaper than the standard offerings they are about 30 yen more expensive than what you would find in the grocery store. Conbini, Lawson’s newest third tier brew sells for a price significantly lower than previous brews, and almost matches grocery store pricing.

Gold Master pours out deep golden color in the glass with a slightly sweet malty nose. The first gulp is on the smooth side, carrying over a fuller flavor that is indeed sweet. It also has a decent amount of effervescence across the tongue and a standard amount of bitterness on the finish. On the backside is an unappealing corn-metallic aftertaste that kind of ruins the experience.

While Gold Master gets a C- in the flavor category, what is interesting is the price point. At ¥108, I believe this is the cheapest third tier brew to line a convenience store shelf. This brew is not for the connoisseur, but if you’re stuck in a bind and need to get hammered on the cheap, Gold Master has got your back.

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2 Responses to Lawson Select Gold Master

  1. Tavis Allen says:

    Ah yes, I could not pass this up. I had no expectations, but yeah, this is not something you sip and savor.

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