Japanese Beer Package Designs for Autumn


Quite a few beers were released for the 2016 Autumn season. Although the leaves have yet to turn color in Japan, the Big Four has moved on to their winter releases and so must the Beers of Japan blog. So I’ll end this season with a couple package designs that graced the shelves.

Kirin Akiaji

2016_kirin_aki_aji-1Akiaji was released on August 23rd this year, along side newcomer, Akiaji Tannou. This beer is in its 26th year on store shelves and while the brew stayed the same, the package design changed ever so slightly. However, Kirin chose to stay with the same momiji motif they’ve been using for the past several years.


Kirin Ichiban Shibori Akibiyori

2016_kirin_ichiban_fall_design-1Since spring, Kirin has been doing a wonderful job of creating seasonal packaging for its Ichiban Shibori line. The naming of this fall’s can, Akibiyori, comes from the wonderful clear, crisp weather autumn brings. Its design features the brilliant yellow color of the gingko tree whose leaves turn in autumn, a common sight along many of the streets and parks of Japan.

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