Kirin Akiaji Tannou


Japanese Name: キリン 秋味 堪能
Brewer: Kirin
Release: Aug. 23, 2016
Type: Japanese Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 7%
Purchase Price: ¥267 305mL bottle @Aeon


Tasting Notes:
2016_kirin_akiaji_tannou-3Along side Kirin’s annual release of Akiaji, they also brewed up a new offering. Akiaji Tannou is an all malt beer made with 1.5 times the malt content of Kirin’s standard beers. Clocking in a 7% ABV, be sure to drink this one with care.

2016_kirin_akiaji_tannou-1Akiaji Tannou pours a deep amber in the glass, with a strong malty aroma and hints of apple cider coming off the head. Its alcohol content also makes a heavy presence. The first gulp is smooth and medium bodied. It has a slightly tangy-sweet taste of green apple along with some fall-like spiciness. The backend displays a very refined bitterness from the hops.

Along with Kirin’s annual Akiaji release, Tannou really shows its stuff. In comparison it has a fuller body and has a much more complex flavor. For fall, Akiaji Tannou is a must drink for you beer lovers in Japan.


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