Sapporo Kanpai Ale


Japanese Name: サッポロ カンパイエール
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Aug. 2, 2016
Type: Japanese Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥237 @FamilyMart


Tasting Notes:
Sparked from the idea of making a beer that will “put the biggest smiles on the beer drinkers of Japan,” Sapporo collaborated with its fans over social media through the 100 Nin Biru Labo project. Kanpai Ale is stated to be a medium bodied beer that drinks like a Japanese pilsner with the wonderful aroma of an ale. Its unique package design features either a man or woman holding up a beer that when put together form a couple toasting, hence the name “kanpai” ale.

2016_sapporo_kanpai_ale-1Kanpai Ale shows off a deep golden hue in the glass with a flowery-fragrant hoppy aroma. The first gulp is quite smooth and has a medium bodied fullness to it, staying very malty through the mid-palate. It has notes of tropical fruit along with hints of citrus. The finish is somewhat reserve, there’s just a little bitterness but nothing that sticks around.

2016_sapporo_kanpai_ale-2For a lighter summer beer, Kanpai Ale is one that will give you a little more complexity and flavor. However, personally I’m not a fan of this one. I feel the flavors are too toned down and there’s just not a whole lot that keeps my attention. Kanpai Ale succeeds at being easier drinking, less flavorful ale, but sadly just isn’t that good.

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