Sapporo Mugi to Hop Space Barley

2016_Sapporo_Mugi_to_Hop_Space_Barley - 1

Japanese Name: サッポロ 麦とホップ Space Barley(スペース バーレイ)
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Aug. 2016 (First shipment)
Type: Happousei (発泡性)
Alcohol: 6%
Purchase Price: Sticker Campaign

2016_Sapporo_Mugi_to_Hop_Space_Barley - 3

Tasting Notes:
Back in 2008, Sapporo produced a “space beer” [AFP (jp)] made from Haruna Nijo barley which were descendents of specimens originally grown in space, the product of a joint research project between Okayama University and the Russian Academy of Science. Recently, Sapporo produced a low-malt new genre brew that was made in part with the seventh generation of the original space barley, released under their new genre Mugi to Hop brand.

Space Barley pours a deep amber in the glass. The frothy head gives off an aroma of roasted malt on the nose. A very rich, yet smooth taste awaits your first gulp. Flavors of toasted malt with an easy going mid-palate, transforms into a refined clean aftertaste with a decent amount of bitterness.

For some reason, I was expecting the standard Mugi to Hop brew. So, finding a darker amber was great and made that first gulp all the more exciting. The overall flavor and quality was excellent, especially for a new genre. You might not even know it was a third tier brew. From a cost standpoint, Space Barley was a bit expensive, calculating to ¥1,120 per can, but since I normally drink Mugi to Hop it was just a bonus. If you can get your hands on one, it’s a worthwhile drink.

2016_Sapporo_Mugi_to_Hop_Space_Barley - 2

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