Sapporo Nippon Lager Premium (2016)

2016_Sapporo_Nippon_Lager_Premium - 1

Japanese Name: サッポロ ニッポン ラガー プレミアム
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Apr. 26, 2016
Type: Japanese Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 6%
Purchase Price: ¥256 @CircleK

2016_Sapporo_Nippon_Lager_Premium - 2

Tasting Notes:
Once again Sapporo has produced Nippon Lager Premium available at CircleK-Sankus convenience stores. This year’s version is made with over 80% Japanese grown malt and 100% Shinshu Wase hops, which have quite a long history here in Japan.

Nippon Lager pours out with a full, frothy head and a golden color in the glass. The first gulp is very sweet, with flavors of apple cider hitting the tongue. Mid-palate, it has toasty roasted malt notes, which bring on a delicate bitterness that continues down the throat.

With its complexities and distinct flavor, this Sapporo Lager does deserve its premium labeling. Additionally, being made with primarily Japanese grown ingredients makes it all the more special.

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