Yebisu #126 Dual Smooth

2016_Yebisu_Hash126 - 1

Japanese Name: ヱビス#126(ヱビス イチニーロク)
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Jun. 21, 2016
Type: Japanese Beer(ビール)
Alcohol: 6%
Purchase Price: ¥255 @7-eleven

2016_Yebisu_Hash126 - 2

Tasting Notes:
Yebisu is celebrating 126 years of its brewing history with the 7&i Holdings Group. Pronounced in Japanese as “ichi-ni-roku,” #126 is being exclusively distributed through 7-eleven, et al. and online at Omni7. This all malt beer is being made with a new “dual smooth” brewing technique, the first of which is a special process to remove the husks from the grain and the second brings the wort to a gentle boil during the sugar conversion stage, both of which keep the “unpleasant bitterness” to a minimum. Hmm, I must question if that is a good thing, so let’s pop the top!

#126 pours a deep golden hue in the glass with a distinct yeasty aroma coming off the creamy head. It’s very flavorful up front to the mid-palate with malt and hints of hops. The backend is pretty much devoid of any sort of bitterness, which is by design. This lets quite a bit of malt come through on the back, especially as the beer warms a little.

Drinking a beer without bitterness is quite a different experience. While #126 does have a decent full malty flavor, without the bitterness from the hops I feel like I’m missing something. It’s just malt juice, so this one is definitely for those people who don’t like bitter. For the rest of us, just move along there’s nothing to see here.

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