Sapporo Beer Surprise | Shifuku no Nigami

2016_Sapporo_Shifuku_no_Nigami - 1

Japanese Name: サッポロ ビアサプライズ 至福の苦み
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Jun. 14, 2016
Type: Japanese Beer
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥223 @FamilyMart

2016_Sapporo_Shifuku_no_Nigami - 2

Tasting Notes:
Once again another FamilyMart limited beer has come to market. Sapporo has brewed up Beer Surprise Shifuku no Nigami, and with nigami in the name it’s sure to be a bitter one. This all malt beer is made with German Hallertau Tradition and alpha acidic Herkules hops, the later being a new variety to me. Time for a test drive.

Shifuku no Nigami pours out a full golden color in the glass. A fresh malty aroma with hints of hop are on the nose. The start of the first mouthful is quite tangy, the fully loaded bitterness comes through on the mid-palate. It’s flavor is green and fresh, with a finish of menthol with some herbal notes.

For a beer that touts its bitterness, it certainly doesn’t let down in that regard. However, while I do enjoy my bitter beers, for my personal tastes Shifuku no Nigami’s flavor boarders on Fisherman’s Friend cough lozenges. It’s too medinciny for me. One of the few Sapporo beers that has disappointed me, Shifuku no Nigami will have to receive a thumbs down.

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2 Responses to Sapporo Beer Surprise | Shifuku no Nigami

  1. Tavis says:

    Agreed. The ‘surprise’ was the aftertaste. My friend and I couldn’t quite pin it down, but there was something off. It was bitter, but not in a great way.

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