Suntory Craft Select Vol.7 | Golden Ale


Japanese Name: サントリー クラフトセレクト ゴールデンエール
Brewer: Suntory
Release: Nov. 4, 2015
Type: Japanese Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥257 @FamilyMart


Tasting Notes:
Volume 7 in Suntory’s ongoing Craft Select series is Golden Ale. This beer features Hallertau Blanc hops, late hopping, and top fermenting yeast to produce a beer with the fragrance of white wine.

Golden Ale indeed has a golden color in the glass. Its fragrance is somewhat fruity with nice hoppy notes. The first gulp is sweet with a cider-like flavor, going down very smoothly across the palate. Towards the back, the bitterness slides down from the cheeks and down the throat. The finish is nice and clean with a little sweetness that sticks around.

Going into December, this beer can still be found on the majority of the conbini store shelves where I live. I think this speaks to the fact that this ale is just another beer. It’s got a very nice drinking flavor, but is too plain for me. When I see Craft Select on the can (and a price to match), I really want something exciting that will awaken my tastebuds from the daily lager grind.


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