Yebisu: Fukami Ajiwau Yebisu


Japanese Name: 深み味わうヱビス
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Nov. 11, 2015
Type: Japanese Beer(ビール)
Alcohol: 6%
Purchase Price: ¥205 @Aeon


Tasting Notes:
Yebisu’s latest limited release is Fukami Ajiwau Yebisu. This all malt Japanese beer is made with European malt, particularly selected for its strong “umami” component. This beer should have a distinct heartiness to it, so let’s see if that’s true.

This Yebisu pours into the glass with a deep orange hue and lots of malt on the nose. The first gulp has a ton of bitter-malty flavors up front that start to tapper ever so slightly across the tongue and down the throat. It’s very earthy and full bodied, yet finishes quite dry leaving a decent amount of bitterness in the back of the mouth.

Fukami Ajiwau Yebisu leaves nothing to the imagination, delivering as the name states, a deep full-bodied beer. And although Yebisu undoubtedly creates some of the finest brews for the Japanese mass market, Fukami Ajiwau is one of the better brews they’ve made in recent times. Do try this one while it’s on store shelves.

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2 Responses to Yebisu: Fukami Ajiwau Yebisu

  1. Tavis Allen says:

    Agreed. I recently had this. Nothing surprising, just a solid experience beginning to end.

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