Suntory Pumpkin Special


Japanese Name: サントリー「パンプキンスペシャル」
Brewer: Suntory
Release: Oct. 13, 2015
Type: Happoushu
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥151 @Aeon


Tasting Notes:
This review needed to get out before Halloween, so I made some time tonight to drink beer and pound the keys on my computer. Tonight we have Suntory’s Pumpkin Special which to my knowledge is the first Japanese beer to illustrate a Halloween theme for its package design. This beer will taste like… drum roll… pumpkin! Pumpkin beer does not sound very appealing to me, but I’m up for the challenge.

Pumpkin Special pours out into the glass with a dark orange hue, as the aroma of sweet pumpkin fills the air around the rim. The first gulp is quite sweet; the fragrance and flavor of pumpkin envelops the mouth. On the backend, the sweetness and pumpkin lightens up a bit, and there isn’t much of a bitter aftertaste.

Not that you would drink this one all year around, but Pumpkin Special is quite good in its own special way. I’m quite fond of some other pumpkin products on the market, such as Pumpkin Custard flavored Kit-Kats that come out this time of year. This brew taste a lot like that with pumpkin and hints of spice that bring back memories of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner. Popping the top of this one, I really wasn’t expecting to get through the first gulp, but was pleasantly surprised. Suntory’s Pumpkin Special gets a thumbs up.

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