Grand Kirin Bittersweet


Japanese Name: グランドキリン ビタースウィート
Brewer: Kirin
Release: Dec. 2, 2014
Type: Japanese Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥245 (330mL) @7-eleven


Tasting Notes:
Without a convenient 7-eleven location nearby, I completely neglected to blog Grand Kirin’s third release… Grand Kirin Bittersweet. Since its original release last year, it has even undergone a label change. In any case, Bittersweet was brewed to release the sweetness and fragrance of the barley malt, with the hops bring a subdued bitterness and sweet aromatics to the table.

Pouring out a deep amber in the glass, Bittersweet sports a fruity, hoppy aroma. The first gulp is buttery smooth and unusually without much effervescence, reminiscent of many a microbrew back home. Mid-to-back holds a malty sweetness with a delicate bitterness to finish.

Kirin’s Bittersweet has the flavor of a beer you might find at a microbrew pub, albeit a bit on the lighter side of things. It’s a very smooth and mellow beer, with a combination of malt and hops that makes for drinkability. However, while it’s a very easy drinking beer, personally it’s a bit bland for my tastes. To me the flavors that combine in my mouth remind me of an aromatic soap, which boarders on being somewhat nauseating. Grand Kirin Bittersweet is a pass in my book.




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