Kirin Cider | Fuji Apple & Momo


Brewer: Kirin
Type: Cider
Alcohol: 4%
Purchase Price: $7.00 AUD @Cellarbrations


Tasting Notes:
Welcome to Beers of Japan’s first post from down under, Brisbane, Australia. After drinking the local brews for the past week, tonight I decided to try a cider from Kirin which is infused with Fuji apple and peach. This cider is brewed for Kirin by Lion here in Australia and is not something I’ve ever seen on the store shelves in Japan.

Kirin Cider pours out a light yellow, looking like a sparkling wine. It has a tart-fruity nose strong on the apple side, which can be common in some wine varieties too. In the mouth its very light and fruity, with the tartness puckering the cheeks across the mouth, finishing with a slight sweetness.

I haven’t had a cider in many years, so I don’t have much to compare it with. As a drink, it is very comparable to a sparkling wine in appearance and flavor, one that is had tons of fruit and is more sweet. If that’s up your alley, Kirin Cider would make a wonderful choice. I’d take mine in a champagne flute down by the river, next time.



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