Sapporo Sozai Ippin


Japanese Name: サッポロ 素材逸品
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: May 20, 2014
Type: Happousei (発泡性)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥100 @Aeon


Tasting Notes:
Marking the 40th anniversary of grocery store conglomerate Aeon, Sapporo created this exclusive new genre brew called Sozai Ippin, loosely translated as “Choice Ingredients.” Sozai Ippin is brewed in part with Japanese grown barley and Fine Aroma Hops from the Czech Republic.

Sozai Ippin’s appearance is comparable to your standard Japanese brew. Malt and hop flavors are very light up front, but opens up mid-palate with a little sweetness. At the finish the bitterness kicks in ever so slightly.

At the purchase price of 100 yen per 350 mL can, tax included, Sozai Ippin offers a very nice value. While it doesn’t knock your stocks off with its flavor, it is a solid brew in the new genre category. Sozai Ippin was produced in limited quantities, but can still be found on the shelves of some Aeon stores.

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