Asahi Beer Spritzer


Japanese Name: アサヒ ビアスプリッツァー
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Sep. 9, 2014
Type: Happoushu
Alcohol: 3.5%
Purchase Price: ¥151 @Aeon


Tasting Notes:
The latest in a long line of beer cocktail style beverages is Asahi’s Beer Spritzer. This cocktail uses chardonnay grape juice to give a wine spritzer-like flavor. Let’s check it out.

Pouring out a light straw hue, Asahi Beer Spritzer immediately shows off its chardonnay mashup through a very fruity aroma. As with many beer cocktails the frothy head does not stick around long, making photography difficult. The first gulp is slightly sweet, with the grape juice coming through quite heavily across the whole palate. Hints of malt and a slight bitterness from the hops are mixed in as well, but the grapes really steal the show.

If you like to drink grape juice with a little alcohol to get you in the mood, Beer Spritzer might just be up your alley. However, the usual beer drinker will probably want to steer clear of this one, as the sweetness is a bit much. I could see this one being a little more enjoyable if it were a tad dryer.

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