Sapporo Nippon Lager Premium


Japanese Name: サッポロ ニッポン ラガー プレミアム
Brewer: Sapporo
Release: Feb. 18, 2014
Type: Japanese Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥228 @CircleK


Tasting Notes:
Convenience store limited releases always seem to escape my radar. I found Sapporo Nippon Lager Premium by chance when I walked into a CircleK near our hotel on a recent trip to Osaka. Sapporo created this premium lager for Uni Group Holdings who own the CircleK Sankus convenience store chains. This premium beer is brewed using 75% grown in Hokkaido “Ryofu” type barley and 100% Furano Golden Star hops. Let’s see what Sapporo has brewed up this time!

In the glass, Nippon Lager Premium pours a fiery gold, accompanied by a sweet malty aroma wafting off the head. This sweetness is carried across to the first gulp along with a decent amount of bitterness going down the throat. Nippon Lager has a smooth medium body flavor with strong notes of corn.

Nippon Lager Premium reminds me a lot of Sapporo Classic with its sweetness, however to be honest its flavor is very one dimensional. Personally, I would prefer to have this sweetness toned down a notch, and in the end Sapporo Nippon Lager Premium was a decent but not quite satisfying drink. Get yours at a Circle K Sankus conbini near you while supplies last.

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1 Response to Sapporo Nippon Lager Premium

  1. Anthony Krese says:

    I tried it. Not bad, but nothing special.

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