Asahi Fuyu no Okurimono (2013)


Japanese Name: アサヒ 冬の贈り物
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Oct. 1, 2013
Type: Liqueur (発泡性)
Alcohol: 4.5 – 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥100 @Yamaya (6-pack)


Tasting Notes:
Fuyu no Okurimono is Asahi’s limited winter offering in its third tier line. First brought to market in 2011, Asahi changes the recipe each year which is nice. Unfortunately for some reason, I never drank the 2012 brew. This year’s Fuyu no Okurimono features the use of Munich malt and three types of hops. Let’s try it!

Asahi Fuyu no Okurimono pours out a deep gold and has a nice head when poured properly. Your first gulp of Okurimono will have a lot of malt up front, along with hints of cinnamon as it travels across the tongue. It has a fuller body than some of the other winter brews, making you almost forget you’re drinking a new genre. On the back end, acidity shows its face along with some nice bitterness.

The big four brewers in Japan all put our winter limited edition brews, and aside from Sapporo’s Winter Tale, all the limited brews are of the third tier variety and not true beers. Of the third tier brews this winter, this year’s Asahi Fuyu no Okurimono is definitely my favorite. Not only does it have a lot of flavor, but the price is in reach of everyday drinking. Be sure to stock your fridge with Asahi’s Fuyu no Okurimono while it’s still on the store shelves.

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