YO-HO Brewing: Suiyoubi no Neko


Japanese Name: ヤッホー・ブルーイング 水曜日のネコ
Brewer: YO-HO Brewing
Release: Nov. 6, 2012
Type: Happoushu
Alcohol: 4.5%
Purchase Price: ¥280 @Lawson


Tasting Notes:
Known in Japan for their Yona Yona Ale, Aooni, and a few others, YO-HO Brewing creates Japanese microbrews that can be had at your local Japanese convenience store and even abroad. Browsing the beer cooler at Lawson the other day I came across Suiyoubi no Neko, meaning Wednesday Cat for the first time, so I had to check it out. YO-HO’s Suiyoubi no Neko is a Belgian style white ale brewed with barley, wheat, hops, orange peel, and coriander seed. They say its flavor profile is a spicy combination of citrus and apple, so let’s see. On to the tasting!

Suiyoubi no Neko pours out very nicely, with a perfect head created by miniscule bubbles. It’s a light straw as you might expect, with some cloudiness to boot. The wheat of this Belgian style white ale really shows itself off on the nose. Your first gulp with yield a very silky smooth texture on the tongue while the bubbles show off some the creaminess you’d expect from the head. The flavors of this ale are quite interesting, citrus comes through as well as cinnamon, it’s almost like drinking a tart apple pie. The finish is smooth, not much bitterness at all, but all the flavors just stick around.

In the end, this Belgian white it quite a nice change from the daily grind. Come Wednesday, if you find yourself tired of whatever beverage is lurking in your fridge run out and get YO-HO’s Suiyobi no Neko for a change of pace. Suiyobi no Neko is in stores now, and can be bought online as well. It might even be sold in your country, too.



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7 Responses to YO-HO Brewing: Suiyoubi no Neko

  1. anthony says:

    The only one I haven’t tried from Yo Ho. I’ll keep my eye out, sounds good.

    • DM says:

      I can’t believe I’d never seen it before, so I was surprise to find out it wasn’t a new beer. Just must have not been released in my area. Hope you can find it.

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  3. Anthony Krese says:

    Finally got my hands on one. My first time drinking a Belgian White, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Definitely out of the ordinary. Probably not a style of beer I’d seek out often. However, I’d like to try this (style) with some food next time.

    It’s pretty amazing how the smell / taste of this beer shift during a sip.

    • DM says:

      Yeah, it’s not something I’d really want to drink daily, but after drinking the same ol’ stuff day after day, it’s nice to have a change of pace. It’s especially nice to write about a completely different Japanese mass market beer.

    • Carmen says:

      Belgian weissbier is my favourite style of beer. Refreshing and interesting. For comparison, Hoegaarden is the most well-known of the white belgian beers and is an excellent benchmark. Hitachino Nest also make a fantastic white ale.

  4. DM says:

    No idea this was sold outside of Japan. Thanks for the info! How’s the ramen?

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