Seven Gold: The Gold Class


Japanese Name: セブンゴールド ザ・ゴールドクラス
Brewer: Suntory
Release: Jun. 25, 2013
Type: Japanese Beer(ビール)
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥218 @7-Eleven


Tasting Notes:
7&i Holding has hit up Suntory a couple times in the past, and they chose them again to produce some liquid goodness for their premium brand 7-Gold. Let’s see what this premium in-house beer is all about!

The Gold Class pours out with a nice head, and a nice golden color in the glass. Taking the first gulp of foam and beer, the malt flavor is apparent. On the tongue The Gold Class is very silky, it’s got a nice tang to it and finishes with a toned down bitterness, which feels “just right.” In the full bodied flavor you’ll also find some fruitiness, and a little sweetness as well.

This first premium beer for the Seven&i Gold line is very nice. Suntory has done well to produce a beer that grabs a hold of your palate and presents a well rounded drink. If you’re looking for a beer with a little kick, The Gold Class will satisfy.

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2 Responses to Seven Gold: The Gold Class

  1. Enjoyed this one. That rich malt taste / tang reminded me of a higher quality Kirin Deluxe, which it obviously is. I’m not sure if it’s as robust as an Asahi Extra (haven’t had it in a while). They seemed to be positioning these two head to head at my 7i.

    The malt type and particular low bitterness of these really hits the spot. It’s very tasty but manages to be mellow at the same time (well rounded?).

    This is what I expected that 7i 100% Malt to taste like, but it didn’t really deliver compared to this one. I wouldn’t mind grabbing one of these once in a while, well rounded and satisfying. Hopefully they keep in on the shelf.

  2. DM says:

    The Gold Class leaves 100% Malt in the dust. They should really discontinue it, and save the shelf space for their other drinks. I’m pretty sure The Gold Class will stick around as long as Suntory is willing to produce it. This one is definitely one of my favorite beers this year.

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