Sapporo Swag

A few months ago, Sapporo renewed its Mugi to Hop brand, and started putting “new” stickers on the cans. A quick check on the website and I found out they were giving away a free glass by sending in 45 of the stickers. That’s 45 cans of beer! Well, I drink the stuff, so it was just a matter of collecting the stickers.

90 cans of beer later, and I was ready to send off the postcard. I could have selected a beer server, but the glasses were needed.

Sapporo Mugi to Hop Stickers

A few weeks down the road, two of these boxes were waiting for me at the front door.


The outer non-assuming brown box, may have been mistaken for pr0n by the postman, but actually was protection for two more brown boxes. One containing the Mugi to Hop branded glass and the other housing a speaking coaster.


Here we have the two Mugi to Hop glasses and matching coasters. The coasters say a variety of things and play annoying music so they must stay turned off. The glasses hold about 300mL of liquid and are frosted so you’ll always look like you have a cold glass of beer.



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2 Responses to Sapporo Swag

  1. I’m jealous. Just when I broke my beer glass, too!!!

    Not sure if I’m a fan of frosted glass, but they do look nice.

    I wonder if you’ll get any different taste or drinking experience (from Mugi to Hop) drinking it from this type of glass. I have…well, I had a clear glass similar to that.

    • DM says:

      The glass I use to blog was also a Mugi to Hop giveaway. The frosting makes the beer foam up a little more, so for Japanese beers it gives a nice head. I can’t blog with them, because it doesn’t show the color well. Glasses don’t last forever, hope you can find a nice replacement!

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