Kaihai Premium


Japanese Name: 快盃 プレミアム
Type: Liqueur (発泡性)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥88 @Valor


Tasting Notes:
Brewed in Korea and sold in Japan by grocery chain Valor as their “in-house” value brew, Kaihai sells for well below what is similarly offered in Japan in the third-tier category. On your first gulp you’ll notice that the bubbles disperse on the back of the throat, giving a smoother fuller mouth-feel up front. The overall flavor is not bad. There is some sweetness and hints of corn in the mix. However, after the first gulp, there was an unpleasant aftertaste I could not put my finger on. For the price, Kaihai Premium is OK, but you’ll want to hit up the other labels if you’ve got the budget.

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