Asahi The Extra


Japanese Name: アサヒ ザ・エクストラ
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Feb. 19, 2013
Type: Japanese Beer
Alcohol: 6.5%
Purchase Price: ¥215 @7-Eleven


Tasting Notes:
Hitting up Asahi for an exclusive brew was 7&i Holdings, so in your local 7-eleven’s adult beverage cooler you’ll find the golden can that is Asahi The Extra lining those shelves of malted goodness. Asahi The Extra is not your ordinary beverage, it’s an all malt Japanese beer by law and has the price to prove it. Is shelling out The Extra yen worth it? Well, that depends on the person… but let’s try and find out.

In the glass, Asahi The Extra has a bit more color than your average Japanese lager; matching the can it comes in, it pours out a nice golden hue. Bubbles tickle the tip of the tongue, while The Extra has a thicker creamy mouth feel. There’s a building of rich malt flavor and bitterness from the hops that never gets out of hand, but you can definitely tell that you’re drinking something different from the usual big four offerings.

Asahi The Extra is a very good, enjoyable beverage. I liked how the effervescence and flavors started up front and continued to build throughout the mouth. If you tend to shy away from the more bitter Japanese beers The Extra hits a mid-point, it’s more robust in flavor, but yet you could drink it all night, if you can survive the 6.5% ABV.



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5 Responses to Asahi The Extra

  1. wern says:

    was hankering for something different tonight, so i picked this up at the 7/11 on the way home. decent body and a bit of alcohol taste like an unremarkable belgian ale. not bad, and definitely a good choice if you’re looking for something a bit fuller than the standard lagers.

    cheers! thanks for all the reviews.

  2. anthonykrese says:

    I’m a sucker for these rich malt brews. 10 more Yen than an Asahi Dry (at the grocery store by my house). It’s worth it for my taste. I pick one of these up once in a blue moon.

  3. Fukuoka says:

    At i7 Supermarkets (rather than your konbini 7-11) you can get a can for 175 yen which is a good price for this beer. I like it!

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