Suntory Rolling Hop


Japanese Name: サントリ ローリングホップ
Brewer: Suntory
Release: Jun. 19, 2012
Type: Liqueur (発泡性)
Alcohol: 4%
Purchase Price: ¥110 @Yamaya


Tasting Notes:
Rolling Hop from Suntory is a co-branded product with rock group The Rolling Stones. It is just one of the several beverages in the Stones Bar line up. At 4% alcohol by volume, it is one of the lighter brews in the new genre world. In the glass, it has the familiar straw color you know and love. Knock it back, and you’ll notice the light flavor, a little hoppy, a little malty with a hint of sweetness and effervescence from start to finish. On paper it sounds like it tastes pretty good, but imagine a glass of carbonated water a drop of yellow dye and some malt flavoring and you’ll have your very own pint of Rolling Hop. The bottom line is disappointment, Suntory Rolling Hop just tastes of a fake new genre brew.

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