Tamamura Honten Indian Summer Saison


Japanese Name: 玉村本店 インディアン・サマー セゾン
Brewer: Tamamura Honten
Type: Japanese Beer (Microbrew)
Alcohol: 7%
Purchase Price: Gift


Tasting Notes:
Wow! A first on Beers of Japan, a Japanese microbrew. While not an expert, I’ve definitely had my share of microbrews, including many Japanese microbrews. There are tons of excellent wonderful tasting microbrews here in Japan, but I’ve also had ones that could substitue as soy sauce to dip your sushi or malt vinegar to dress your fish and chips. I’ve chosen not to feature microbrews here at Beers of Japan because, well, microbrews are somewhat expensive and harder to come by. I have to make an exception here, because of a promise to my good friend who left this bottle in my refrigerator last year. Here goes…

Indian Summer Saison is a seasonal Japanese microbrew brewed by Tamamura Honten Co., Ltd. based in Yamanouchi, Nagano. It is an pale ale brewed in the Belgian Saison style made with Aroma Hops from the US and New Zealand. In the glass it pours out a light straw color turning opaque from the live yeast cultures. It has a wonderfully fragrant citrus nose. Indian Summer drinks very smooth and chewy with tons of malt and hop throughout. It finishes clean with just the perfect amount of sweetness, and hints of cinnamon.

While I tend to lean towards ambers when drinking microbrews, I found Indian Summer Saison to be an absolutely incredible drink. The fruity citrus and spice took me on a journey away from the daily grind. Huge thumbs up to Tamamura Honten, I’ll have to head out to Nagano this summer!

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2 Responses to Tamamura Honten Indian Summer Saison

  1. One of the best breweries in Japan. Try their House IPA.

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