Asahi Direct Shot: refreshing stimulation in your mouth.

Asahi Direct Shot Can

Japanese Name: アサヒ ダイレクトショット
Brewer: Asahi
Release: May 29, 2012
Type: Happousei(発泡性)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥139 @7eleven

Asahi Direct Shot Pour

Tasting Notes:
Now that we’re in the midst of August, and the heat of the Japanese summer, I found it appropriate to pop open the can of Asahi Direct Shot that had been sitting in my refrigerator for the past couple months. My assumption is that with its large mouth opening and increased carbonation, it is made for your weekend beach party. On a hot sunny day, anyone would gladly down a whole cooler full in one sitting if not properly supervised. In my living room however, it was a different story.

Asahi Direct Shot Can Opening

I popped the top, poured the glass with a nice head and took the photo. Then I took the can about 1/3 full, and chugged it in one gigantic gulp. If I had a second can, I would have chugged the can just to test out the 1.3 times larger opening. Yes, it was fun! But, when I sit down to write out my thoughts… I became sad. Asahi Direct Shot is a third tier beer-tasting beverage so please keep that in mind, because it does not taste anything close to beer. It’s like a fake beer wishing to be something more. There is some bitterness on the finish, but the front end is like a mouthful of soda water and lots of metallic taste. Very strange indeed.

On a positive note, if you find yourself at Shonan beach on a hot day with lots of hotties around. Find yourself as many Direct Shots as you can, and just go for it! Asahi Direct Shot will not let you down in the “getting drunk” department.

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