Asahi Red Eye: because tomatoes aren’t just for salad.

Asahi Red Eye Can

Japanese Name: アサヒレッドアイ
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Jun. 12, 2012
Type: Happoushu
Alcohol: 3.5%
Purchase Price: ¥198 @7eleven

Asahi Red Eye Pour

Tasting Notes:
One day, someone had too much vodka and decided beer might make a nice substitute in her Bloody Mary sans the condiments, and the red eye was born (maybe). Then many moons later, one of the newly hired employees at Asahi came up with the bright idea to can this beverage. The idea went up the corporate ladder, the employee won some sort of prize, and Asahi Red Eye is now on store shelves. Of course, this is all fictional, or it may not be… I’m too lazy to read up on it. I have a case of natsubate as they call it in Japan, laziness from the heat and humidity of summer.

In any event, I hesitantly opened up the can of Asahi Red Eye sitting in my refrigerator. I don’t despise tomato juice, but you’d be hard pressed to get me to drink a glass. Popping the top, the tomato aroma is immediate. Asahi does use real tomato juice, and there’s even some remnants of pulp floating around. I neglected to fiddle with the can, so it poured out looking like a hefeweizen instead of a true red eye. Needless to say, I kinda cringed taking my first sip, not knowing what to expect, and after my initial hesitations, my first sip was decent. It tastes like what you would expect, tomato juice with a hint of beer. There’s a little sweetness, tang, and some malty beer flavor. With each sip I enjoyed Asahi Red Eye a little more, and it made a nice accompaniment to my fried chicken (karage) and salad dinner.

While I wouldn’t be drinking this one everyday, it does taste pretty good… IF, you are a person that likes red eyes or drinks tomato juice regularly. For an experimental concept drink, it works. I hope the person or team that came up with this idea got a nice summer bonus. Give it a try while it can be found in the stores through August.

Brand Site

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