Shogo Asahi Beer Fukkoku Ban: Before there was Super Dry.

Shogo Asahi Can

Japanese Name: 初号アサヒビール 復刻版
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Nov. 29, 2011
Type: Beer(ビール)
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥217 @Circle K

Shogo Asahi Pour

Tasting Notes:
This all malt and hop beer is a remake of Asahi Beer’s original recipe first sold in 1892 (25th year of the Meiji period), and gold medal winner at the 1900 Paris Expo. It has a slightly higher ABV at 5.5% than most Japanese beers, with the only difference in its production process is the use of current brewing techniques that do not need heat pasteurization.

Popping the top and pouring this bad boy into the glass you can see a deep golden color not present in the majority of the big 4’s standard brews. It’s got a wonderful sweet malty nose, and the first gulp introduces plenty of malty-hoppy goodness with just a touch of bitterness, making you wonder why Asahi only makes this in limited quantities. I could get used to drinking Asahi “Original” on a regular basis.

Double thumbs up to Asahi. Lovers of Japanese beer living in Japan, better head out and get Shogo Asahi Beer while supplies last, it’s a winner.

Shogo Asahi Can Back

Official Site [jp]

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