Kirin Aki-Aji (2011)

Kirin Akiaji 2011 Can

Japanese Name: 秋味 (Aki-Aji)
Brewer: Kirin
Release: Aug 24, 2011
Type: Beer (ビール)
Alcohol: 6%
Purchase Price: ¥185 (Aeon)

Kirin Akiaji 2011 Pour

Tasting Notes:
In its 21st year of production, Kirin’s Aki-aji still has the same hoppy bitterness you’ve come to look forward to in this fall brew. The 6% abv. will leave you with a smile on your face after a few. Enjoy, before fall ends… did it even start yet?!?

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2 Responses to Kirin Aki-Aji (2011)

  1. I look forward to this seasonal brew every year, and it is on the shelves now. Although it is a welcome drink in autumn, I probably wouldn’t buy it on a regular basis, even if it were avaliable throughout the year. But, then again, I am not a dedicated Kirin Beer drinker. I like the Sapporo beer line up much better.

  2. DM says:

    Sapporo has the most robust lineup of the big Japanese brewers, that’s for sure. But, I’m glad the others produce some seasonal offerings throughout the year, like Kirin’s Aki Aji. Cheers!

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