Asahi Blue Label

Asahi Blue Label Can

Japanese Name: アサヒ ブルー ラベル
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Jul. 5, 2011
Type: Happousei(発泡性)
Alcohol: 4%
Purchase Price: ¥139 (Sankus)

Asahi Blue Label Pour

Tasting Notes:
Asahi finally released their newest new-genre concoction, Asahi Blue Label. Just in time for the height of the summer heat, Blue Label brings to the table “crisp, freshness” that Japanese beer drinkers seek, in an easy-on-the-pocketbook-priced happousei. Let’s see if Blue Label holds up to the hype.

The beautiful blue packaging brings you to an ocean dream, where you’d want to spend a nice afternoon guzzling this beverage. Out of the can, you’ll find the familiar golden elixir you’ve come to appreciate. The nose is quite metallic, something that a lot of happousei brews possess. Luckily, I didn’t notice it much while drinking. After taking a large gulp, my first impression was how light the taste was, almost like drinking beer-flavored water. Nice carbonated bubbles tickled my tongue, with a bit of maltiness and a hint of citrus on the back end.

The amazing thing about Asahi Blue Label is that is a ZERO sugar beverage, yet it still tastes like a full-on happousei, in a good way. The bottom line is that it’s a refreshing, clean tasting dai-san brew for those that are looking to cut down on dietary sugar. While some other beverages in this category should be discontinued, let’s hope that Asahi Blue Label sticks around for a while to come.

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