Who says there’s no such thing as free beer?

I can no longer say that I’ve never won a drawing before. This morning, I was waking with the usual cup of coffee and a chat with the folks on Skype, only to be interrupted by a doorbell ring. It was a delivery company, but could have well been Santa Claus, because here on my living room floor is a special case of Sapporo Black Label beer.

Sapporo Beer Case

Shortly after I started this blog, I signed up for Sapporo’s member site. They offer quizzes, questionnaires, and drawings for various products. One of the drawings I entered was for a TV show called Manten Aozora Resutoran. I don’t even remember was I had to do, but there’s a case of free beer here. I’ll have to hit up the site again to see if anything new is available.

If you can read Japanese, and live in Japan feel free to sign up here.

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