7-Premium The Brew

7 Premium Suntory The Brew Can

Japanese Name: セブンプレミアム THE BREW (ザ・ブリュー) ノドごしスッキリ
Brewer: Suntory
Release: end of July, 2009
Type: Happousei(発泡性)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥123 @7-Eleven (Japan)

7 Premium Suntory The Brew Pour

Tasting Notes:
Last spring, Japan’s Hokuriku region was blessed with the presence of conbini giant Seven & i Holdings’, 7-Eleven chain and all its product goodness such as premium instant ramens and the like, including 7-Premium private brand merchandise. In 2009, Seven & i Holdings teamed up with Suntory to create 7-Premium’s “The Brew Nodo-goshi Sukkiri” touting the use of 100% spring water. Someone went ninja on the press release, as no information is available on either company sites (as far as I know).

This original clear and smooth taste is suitable for your refreshing times. – The Brew

Pouring the contents of The Brew into the glass, was the usual golden yellow color of a standard lager, while the fragrance of the hops was apparent. On first gulp, effervescence immediately was felt on the tip of the tongue (it’s still tingling) and malt flavors were strongest mid-palate, then faded away towards the back of the throat. After a few minutes, there was a slight metallic element, an alkaline taste as if I licked a 9V.

For a dai-san happousei, it’s not terrible. I definitely could do without the slight metallic after-taste left in my mouth, but it was not the end of the world. I was just not satisfied, however. There was something missing, the flavor was too “clean,” too plain for me. When factoring in the price, there are other dai-sans on the market that are more appealing to my palate. If it’s sitting on the table at your friend’s, by all means drink up; when shelling out your own yen, you’d best find an alternative.

7-Premium The Brew is available at 7-Eleven (Japan), with 6-packs also sold at Ito-Yokado, York Benimaru, York Mart, and Shell Garden. Check it out, if you dare.

Press Release [pdf download]
7-Premium Site

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