Sapporo x O~i! Ryoma

Sapporo Black Label with Sakamoto Ryoma

Given the Ryoma Sakamoto boom that has been happening over the past couple years in Japan, it’s only fitting that he’s finally got his image on a beer can. Sapporo beer partnered with mangaka Tetsuya Takeda and Yu Koyama of “O~i! Ryoma” to create the original artwork for the can design for Sapporo Black Label beer.

Sapporo Black Label with Sakamoto Ryoma close-up

Underneath the illustration is Sapporo’s message to Ryoma:

自ら信念を持ち、時代を駆け抜けた竜馬、サッポロ生ビール黒ラベル、竜馬の大志に乾杯 (Having his own beliefs, Ryoma escaped time, Sapporo Black Label toasts to Ryoma’s aspirations)

These Ryoma cans were originally released in April in the Shikoku, Kyushu, and Chugoku regions of Japan, centering on the Ryoma boom. In September, Sapporo unleashed the cans country-wide due to their popularity, with production slated for 50,000 cases. Ryoma fans, act fast!

Press release [jp]

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