Belgian White Shironama

Belgian White Shironama Can

Japanese Name: 白生 にごり 二段仕込
Brewer: Imported from Belgium by Nippon Beer Co., Ltd.
Type: Happoushu (発泡酒)
Alcohol: 5%
Purchase Price: ¥246 @Kaldi (import specialty shop)

Belgian White Shironama Pour

Tasting notes:
Ok, Shironama is actually not a Japanese beer, but a Belgian import. It is imported then distributed in Japan by Nippon Beer Co., Ltd. in Japanese packaging so I’ve included it in my list.

Out of the can, there’s a pale straw color with opaqueness imparted by the presence of yeast and wheat particles remaining from the brewing process. After spending most of my time with Japanese brewed beers, I immediately notice the difference in flavor with this Belgian White. For me the citrus notes are the highlight, creating a refreshing long lasting flavor that continues to stick around after ingesting. Interestingly, this beer has a little bit of thickness to it, giving a “chewy” mouth feel.

Shironama is a nice change of pace from the everyday Japanese lager style. I can imagine drinking this one with a squeeze of lemon on a hot summer day, along side some white fish tempura. Look for it in Japan at your nearest specialty food store.

Official Site

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2 Responses to Belgian White Shironama

  1. Phil Roberts says:

    As an enlisted man in the USN in Japan in 1952 and 1954 I walked many dirt streetes in Sasebo, Kyoto ^ other towns shopping & sightseeing usually with an open litre bottle of Nippon beer in my hand. May have have even had in the NCO Club in Sasebo also. One of the best beers I have ever experienced in my life, & ‘Ive had a few. I live in Midland, Texas now and have tried Sopporo & Kirin & Asahi, but they don’t seem anywhere similar. What’s my best chance to find this wonderful taste again before I die.

    • DM says:

      Hello Phil. I’m not of your generation, so I unfortunately I’m not familiar with the wonderful beers you have had while in Japan. I’m thinking you probably had the Meiji recipe from Kirin, which is absolutely fabulous, and one of my all time favorites too (tried as a special edition rebrew). The beers back then seem to have been very bitter, unlike the dry beers today which have toned down the bitterness. The three you mentioned, sold in the US are not brewed in Japan and taste quite different. If you’re looking for a major market brew try and find Orion which is still brewed here. Yebisu or Suntory Premium Malt’s, if sold there still have the richness of the old style beers. Enjoy!

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