Suntory All-Free

Suntory All-Free Can

Japanese Name: サントリー オール・フリー
Brewer: Suntory
Release: Aug. 3, 2010
Type: Beer Taste Beverage
Alcohol: 0.00%
Purchase Price: ¥148 @FamilyMart(conbini)

Tasting notes:
The white/gold packaging really has a soothingly strong  impact, and stands out saying, “buy me!” among the other canned beverages. I just had to give it a try, nothing to lose but a few coins.

Suntory All-Free, is this brewer’s first attempt in the “beer taste,” zero-alcohol, zero-calorie, zero-carb genre. Although the flavor is a bit lacking in the beer-taste category, as a non-alcohol beverage it’s not bad. The effervescence is thirst quenching, while there is no over-sweetness or over-malty flavors present like some other beer taste beverages. The bottom line is that it doesn’t taste bad!

Of course, in the end I’m going to reach for a beer, but if I had a Suntory All-Free and a carbonated beverage right in front of me, and alcohol was a no-no, I would lean 70-30 in favor of Suntory All-Free.

Official Site

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8 Responses to Suntory All-Free

  1. Amanda lingwood says:

    I loved this beer. I can no longer drink alcohol due to a medical condition but I loved this and wish I could get in Darwin!!

    • DM says:

      I’ve heard Kirin is selling their Kirin Free in the U.S. and maybe other countries too, so maybe Suntory will eventually follow suit and sell Suntory Free in your neck of the woods. If you ever get the opportunity to try Asahi Dry Zero, it’s my first choice of the non-alcohol brews.

  2. I think it tastes really poor. First two or three mouthfuls are ok. After that awful. Maybe in a sugar free soda it could make a decent shandy.

  3. DM says:

    It’s not the best but, at the time I did think it tasted better than the other non-alcoholic options that were on the market.

  4. Tastes a little like soda water with malt flavourings. It’s not bad as long as you arent expecting a good beer. It’s more comparable to the lower malt beers of Japan.

  5. c. Bennett says:

    Tastes just like lager. While on a diet, I drank it all the time. It’s probably the most popular and widely available non-alcoholic beer in Japan. They also do fruit versions, with Japanese “orange” and lemon/lime versions in the summer.

    This stuff is great and basically weaned me off Asahi Super Dry. It’s great for a daily beer and even for work!

    • DM says:

      Thanks for your input. I’ve never tried the fruit versions, but I’m sure they’re pretty good. My non-alcohol posts get quite a few hits, so I’ll try to put some more up.

  6. I had my first one last night after a big run in the heat and it being Dry January my thirst-quenching options were limited. I really enjoyed it. Needs to be cold, but it has a nice beer taste without being beer and after having to drink endless lemon lime & bitters when socialising while not drinking *anything* that tastes of beer is a refreshing.

    Silly to compare it to real beer, but when the option of drinking beer is out then this is very good substitute IMHO.

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