Asahi W-ZERO

Asahi W-ZERO Can

Japanese Name: アサヒ ダブルゼロ
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Aug. 3, 2010
Type: Beer Taste Beverage
Alcohol: 0.00%
Purchase Price: ¥148 @FamilyMart(conbini)

Tasting Notes:
Not only are 0.00% alcohol beverages all the rage in Japan these days, but add to that zero carbohydrates, and you’ve got yourself a new genre of drink. Released over the summer to give thirsty beer drinking drivers a legal alternative to sweetened soft drinks. In Japan, drinking any amount of alcohol before driving is not permitted by law.

The concept is definitely a good one, but flavor-wise W-ZERO better come up with Ver. 2.0. To put it simply, the flavor is on the slightly sweet side (somewhat common with these beverages), but it’s got a malt vinegary tang to it. I really can’t say I was disappointed, because I’ve sampled a few of these “near-beer” beverages, and for the most part, they’ve all got the same characteristics. Given the choice between a second can of W-ZERO and a soft drink on a hot day, I’d take a diet cola.

Official Site

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