Asahi World Beer Travels Germany Maerzen Type

Asahi WBT Marzen Can

Japanese Name: アサヒ 世界ビール紀行 ドイツ メルツェンタイプ
Brewer: Asahi
Release: Sep. 28, 2010
Type: Beer
Alcohol: 5.5%
Purchase Price: ¥247 @Heart-in (Conbini)

Asahi WBT Marzen Pour

Tasting Notes:
Styled after a German Märzen, this first beer of the World Beer Travels series was created by Asahi to celebrate Oktoberfest. The limited production brew is available only while supplies last.

Popping the top, I was expecting a darker amber, but was quite surprised at the golden honey color. Ok, so not all Märzens are dark in color. There was a bit of a hoppy, malty aroma, not very strong though. My first gulp was quite enjoyable. There was some stronger hoppy/malty flavor, a little nuttiness… it is a full bodied beer, in the Japanese sense. It had long lasting flavor, acidity that tightened my taste buds, and a clean dry finish.

Taking into account this beer was designed for the Japanese market, the color and depth of flavor is quite different than what I would expect of a Märzen produced in the US. That being said, I find this beer very likable, in an East meets West sort of way. Back home, I often grow tired of the over-hopped beers of the US microbrew market, one reason I love my Japanese beers. It’s got a great full body that will appeal to the Western beer drinkers, while not being over the top for the Japanese market.

Official World Beer Travels Site
Product Info

Stay tuned for the Belgian Pale Ale at the end of November.

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